"I have suffered from severe anxiety and very painful periods for many years, and after trying different methods to help both problems including hypnotherapy and medications nothing was working; it was then I decided to seek help from Becky. I was a little reluctant at first that the reflexology would help in any way however I could feel the positive effects after just one treatment. I had a further 3 treatments on a regular basis that proved to help also; my anxiety levels were greatly reduced and my painful periods are no longer at all painful. It has really improved my quality of life and I cannot be more thankful to Becky."


Hayley G


“Several years ago I had a car accident and broke the C6 & C7 vertebrae in my neck.  This caused me sleepless nights and sometimes waking with a stiff neck.  I have found that with Becky’s gentle approach and reassuring method it has helped me to be able to relax and after a session I have at least four nights of uninterrupted sleep and for the rest of the week my neck seems to give me no problems."


Pauline M


“My 8 year old son is autistic and hyperactive.  He regularly goes to bed past 12pm and gets up in excess of four times a night.  After the first Reflexology treatment from Becky he slept through the night for the first time ever and the effects lasts for a further 4 nights.   The school even commented on a positive change in behaviour.  Amazing! ”


Sarah L


“I had never had reflexology before. Becky was welcoming and professional. I found the whole experience extremely relaxing and rejuvenating - definitely worth making the time for.”


Ellie K


“It was with some trepidation that I decided to try reflexology only because I am very sensitive (ticklish) around my feet, however, I needn’t have worried as it was a wonderful experience.  I never thought I would admit to having my feet touched but I did and I went back for more.  I did feel very emotional, in a good way though, and did notice easier movement in my neck (aging neck problem).  So all in all 2 treatments to be recommended and one I will definitely be revisiting.”


Zara J


“I found this treatment (Reflexology) amazing! It relieved stress and made me feel relaxed far more than any massage I’ve ever had.”


Emma P


“Becky has a true gift. From the moment I settle into her chair I know I’m going to have her full care and attention. She is knowledgeable, professional and very intuitive whether I need physical and/or emotional healing she is there for me.  I look forward to Becky’s treatments, each session relaxing me and reducing my stress levels.”


Pauline W


“Becky is a caring and professional practitioner, and sessions in her hands left me relaxed , stress free and with a considerably heightened sense of well-being.”


Barbara W